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"Programmes that enable the best to get even better"

Performance at the Limit offers a range of experiential high performance programmes developed by leading international business coach and successful business author Richard West, and takes lessons from his wide experience gained in the high performance world of Grand Prix motor racing, International motorsport and commerce (See Having worked for the worlds leading Formula 1™ teams he communicates the importance of focus, performance and teamwork.

The Pit Stop Challenge

Performance in Grand Prix racing is measured by the stopwatch. Only the best survive the intense pressures of the world’s toughest race tracks and central to a race winning strategy is the pit stop where highly trained crews of men and women are charged with changing all four wheels and tyres in around two seconds enabling their Drivers to compete at the highest levels. Safety of course is paramount as is strategy, planning, communication, shared leadership and teamwork.

All of these disciplines are present in Performance at the Limit’s ‘Pit Stop Challenge’ which is central to the range of training programmes on offer. Utilising a genuine Formula 1™ racing car and equipment, business team members are briefed, trained and work on an actual pit stop to demonstrate how teams can work together to best effect.

The teams outcomes are filmed and reviewed in feedback sessions aimed at giving participants a leading edge when taking these lessons back to the business workplace.

Programme Inspiration

Actual programme content is based on materials gathered from Richard’s career and from he and his co-authors highly successful series of business books entitled ‘Performance at the Limit-Business Lessons from Formula 1 Motor Racing’. Since 2005, ‘Performance at the Limit’ training programmes have run internationally in the finance, manufacturing, airline and airport sectors, oil industry, pharmaceutical, rail, catering and construction industries to name but a few. All programmes are bespoke and created to maximise the learning opportunities for the individuals attending.

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Richard West

Developed by leading international business coach and author Richard West with his wide experience of Grand Prix motor racing and International motorsport

Performance at the Limit

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